C2Logix Stockpile Routing Web Portal

As part of the C2Logix Stockpile Program, you can access the C2Logix Stockpile Routing Web Portal to federal, state and local community planners in order to assist with the planning for rapid and efficient transport and distribution of medicine and supplies in the event of an emergency.

The Stockpile Routing Web Portal, provided and developed by C2Logix, provides a web-based version of the SNS-TourSolverĀ® route optimization software along with training materials, user documentation, support contact information, and scheduling system for accessing the software.

Evaluation, Optimization, and Simulation Routing Decision-Making Tool

SNS-TourSolverĀ® is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, tool enabling planners to quickly generate optimized routes to distribute supplies from Receive, Stage and Store facilities (RSSes), to the Points of Dispensing locations (Stops). In addition to allowing the generation of optimized routes based on basic information about the fleet and Stops, SNS-TourSolverĀ® provides the ability to simulate multiple scenarios and quickly see the impact on the overall distribution operation using as many or as few constraints as desired. Scenarios can include, but are not limited to, factors such as:

  • Number and size of used
  • Quantities delivered to each Stop
  • Multiple deliveries per Stop
  • Throughput of each Stop
  • Delivery time windows
  • Loading and unloading times

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Registration and Training

Contact C2Logix for registration issues or to learn about training opportunities (703-698-5001, support@c2logix.com ).